Welcome to my NEW Amateur Radio website.

For all DIGITAL MODES, always adjust your Audio Drive

for MINIMUM ALC- preferably ZERO.

Turn the Speech / Audio processor or compressor OFF.


On my site you will find information about my main interests within Amateur Radio, as well as links that provide data on the current "band" activity levels - not just for digital modes, plus current propagation conditions - EFFECTIVE Sun spot numbers, MUF, current solar activity levels and current solar images, etc.


G3ZXX - Profile and Activity.


  • Having obtained my licence in 1969, I have been very active in contests, SSB and Digital, HF and VHF, both as an individual and within contest groups. I also served on the RSGB VHF Contest Committee, for a short period.
  • As the Contest Manager for the Southgate Radio Club, I lead the Club to several years of successful participation, and ultimately an overall win, in the RSGB SSB Field Day. However, it should be said that at that time, the club membership was very pro-active, very keen and very "serious" about it's participation in all types of VHF and HF contesting.  Perhaps all I did was to focus minds, who knows, but it was a very successful and happy period of my life, with lots of very good and trusted friends.  A time when the do'ers in the hobby outnumbered the users.
  • Personally, my greatest contesting achievement was winning the European section, 40m mono-band single operator, of the CQWW WPX SSB Contest, and being 3rd overall.
  • During this very active period, and whilst I was still exchanging real QSL cards, I also managed to get confirmed SSB contacts with over 120 Countries on both 80m and 40m.
  • My contest activity, these days, is limited to popping up in the odd PSK contest, to give a few points away.
  • Between 1981 and 2003, I ran various City & Guilds Radio Amateurs Examination and Novice courses, at several Educational centres, across the UK.
  • Since the early 90's I have been involved with VHF/UHF repeaters. I am the Repeater / Beacon Keeper for GB3JB (2m), GB3WX (6m), and GB3WSX (4m Beacon), having built these systems with my good friend Clem, G3UGR, who for many years was the sole individual running and maintaining GB3YS (70cm).  I also had significant involvement in both the GB3TC (70cm) and GB3WA (70cm) repeaters.  Both of which, unfortunately, are no longer operational.
  • Having recently successfully obtained a licence NoV from Ofcom, I am currently working to change GB3WX from a basic 6m repeater, into a 6m / 10m cross-band repeater. This is a totally unique system, within the UK.


  • My primary activity for the last 12 years or so, apart from repeater systems, has been with Digital Modes - JT65a, WSPR, PSK, Contestia, Olivia, ROS and Hell, etc.
  • More recently, I've even been playing with Dominio, and CMSK.  I've also been trying some NBSSTV (MP73-N) on 30m (10132 and 10144).
  • I am a member of the following Digital groups / clubs:

            30MDG#1248  -  DMC#1528  -  EPC#4730  -  ERC#0639  -  FHC#1329  -  WCC#477  -  WSSTVC#193.

  • Operation now, is primarily on the WARC bands: 30m17m, and 12m, with the main focus being on JT65a.  If anyone wants to set-up scheds, send an e-mail.  Of course, I'm still activity on other bands / modes, as well.
  • When CQ'ing on 30m JT65a, I use a QRG of 10137.5 Mhz.

        I typically aim to sit around a DF of +155 (+/- other users) and TX on ODD minutes.

  • This puts all the PSK etc., and the vast majority of the WSPR outside the HF end of the RX passband - no annoying high pitch whistles. Can just concentrate on listening for the DX, hi, hi.

            30m Band Utilisation Chart.

            30m Group at Yahoo.

  • When CQ'ing on 17m JT65a, I currently use a QRG of 18102.5 Mhz.

        I typically aim to sit around a DF of +155 (+/- other usersand TX on ODD minutes.

  • When CQ'ing on 12m JT65a, I use a QRG of 24917 Mhz.  This also puts all the PSK etc., and WSPR outside the HF end of the RX passband - can just concentrate on listening for the DX.

        Again, I typically aim to sit around a DF of +155 (+/- other usersand TX on ODD minutes.

  • When not actually "active", I generally leave the station set-up switched on, in JT65a mode, and monitoring a QRG of 18102.5 Mhz, on 17m.

Thus feeding RB (reverse beacon) data, into the Internet system.  Which is of course useful for any operators wishing to make comparisons with previous contact reports or RB's from myself.  Or, perhaps just those operators wishing to see if the 17m band is open for JT65a contacts, into the Central Southern part of the UK.

  • I also monitor WARC and JT65a activity, via:

            1).  https://jt65.w6cqz.org/index.html

            2).  https://hamspots.net/warc/

            and of course,

            3).  https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html


Propagation, Solar, Band and Mode activity data links.

The following section provides links relating to current DIGITAL MODES,  JT65a, WARC and HF BANDS activity, plus current relevant PROPAGATION and SOLAR information.


To see the current "JT65a" activity LIST, for ANY of the HF bands, CLICK HERE.

To see the current "JT65a" activity MAP, for ALL of the HF bands, CLICK HERE.


To see the current "ANY MODE" activity LIST, for the 160m, 80m, or 40m bandsCLICK HERE.

To see the current "ANY MODE" activity LIST, for the 30m, 20m, or 17m bandsCLICK HERE.

To see the current "ANY MODE" activity LIST, for the 15m, 12m, or 10m bandsCLICK HERE.

To see the current "ANY MODE" activity MAP, for ALL of the HF bands, CLICK HERE.


For the current rolling "EFFECTIVE" Sun Spot Number (SSNe), CLICK HERE.

For the current "NEAR REAL TIME MUF" mapCLICK HERE.

For the current SOHO "SDO/HMI CONTINUUM" image of the SunCLICK HERE.

For the current SOHO "SDO/HMI MAGNETOGRAM" image of the SunCLICK HERE.



​Current Station Set-up and Ongoing Homebrew.

  • I have recently built a 3m Dia Magnetic Loop.
  • However, to reduce any interaction, I have taken all my other antennas down, for the time being, thus only active on 30m at the moment.
  • The loop is currently tuned for 10.140 Mhz, using a coaxial stub, having initially carried out some tests on 40m.
  • I have a nice BIG vacuum variable capacitor.  10pf to 500pf at 25Kv / 50A.  So, I'm currently deciding on a housing for the beast and the best method of attaching the loop to it, along with a stepper motor.
  • Lots of good stuff on the internet, though.
  • Once I'm satisfied with the construction methods used and I've got the system fully functional, with the 3m dia loop, the plan is to replace that with a 6m dia loop, and tune for 80m and 40m.


Apart from the antennas' status, the rest of the set-up is quite simple and unchanged:

  • Primary Transceiver:  Kenwood TS-480sat @ 25 watts O/P for JT65 and PSK etc., and 5 watts O/P for WSPR.
  • Computer:  Intel i5 2.5 GHz 64 bit processor + 6 Gb RAM
  • Interface:  Opto-coupled
  • The secondary transceiver is my old and trusted Icom IC-728.
  • For local nattering on 2m FM / Repeaters I have a Kenwood TM-271E.
  • I also have a Yaesu FT-817, an Icom AH4 auto-atu and a Homemade 1.3m diameter Magnetic Loop, which I use for portable and holiday operation, with the laptop.


Internet Security.

  • Your Internet security is your responsibility.
  • I take no responsibility what so ever for what happens to you or your equipment, once you leave my site.
  • I regularly check that the above links to other web sites / pages are working and that they are directing you and your system to the intended site.
  • ALL users of the Internet should have reputable and up to date, data security measures in place and fully activated on their own system.
  • If you think you are safe and your computer is clean, without having regularly updated or any such security measures in place, take a look at this recent BBC report:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15792257 , and the BBC Internet Security web site:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/search/news/internet_security .